Everything you need for the perfect start into your career! Trainee opportunities at ALLTEC / FOBA

Why we are the perfect place for you to start your career

At ALLTEC / FOBA it´s all around product marking with laser marking machines. With our innovative lasers we label almost every type of industriell produced products: it goes from daily stuff like the best before date, up to the marking of medical products. As a promising company for the future we can give you a stable workplace with good payment and you will be working on many different tasks or even your own projects. Besides that we offer multiple special training opportunities which will get you prepared perfectly for your future. After your trainee phase you got best chances to stay here.

Become a part of the Veralto-Family now and start your career as a part of the team in Selmsdorf near Lübeck! 

Our trainee offers

Electrician for devices and systems / Trainee (m/f/d)

For technical affine and intrested people this is the perfect position. While you are a trainee you earn very much knowledge about our versatile mashines, how our lasers were build and how they function in the end. Besides that you get to know how we make sure our products have such high quality and together with our service technichians you can visit our customers.

Warehouse logistics specialist / Trainee (m/f/d)

In the logistics department you learn all the different practical task, like the correct commissioning of diverse products for customer orders, the right way to recieve supplies and the storing of incomming materials. You will have multiple tasks in the office aswell, for example the coordination with customer support or our suppliers.

Industrial clerk / Trainee (m/f/d)

The trainee programm for industrial clerks is characterized by many different tasks in many different departments. In your time as a trainee you got the opportunity to get deep insight into the important activities of a salesman/woman. With that you get much knowledge about the business process, this includes for example the work on many different tasks, like the purhasing, customer- or payment orders.

Dual studies business administration - industrial management combined with the industrial clerk trainee program (m/f/d)

You can´t decide if you want to start your career as a trainee or in university? Well - just do both!

Because together with the DHSH we are offering the dual study programm business administration - industrial management combined with the industrial clerk trainee program. While you will get all the theoretical knowledge in university, you learn how to use and apply it in the company. Within three and a half years you will run through all the different departments and you get the chance to prove yourself in many different projects. With this program you can get the perfect interplay of knowledge and experience.


You can get more impressions over here!

Watch this video to see what the trainee programm: industrial clerk (m/f/d) has in store for you. In your trainee phase you will learn a wide spectrum of knowledge for different departments. Especially in the parts of material management, marketing, finance and human resources you can get diversified knowledge. In that time you will go through almost every department at FOBA, so in the end of your time as a trainee you will have a great overview over the whole business process in the company and you will be able to understand the economic connections.



Here you can get your first insight!

Find out already now, what you can expect from the trainee programm: electrician for devices and systems (m/f/d) at FOBA. In this video you get your first insight into the departments, which you will be a part of. The development, production, application, hotline and service will be part of your way. The assembly and function check of components and assemblies will be part of your exact tasks. We will show you single production steps and will explain to you, what you need to consider for customer wishes and possible special solutions.


What you can expect here

  • stable workplace with good payment
  • good chances to stay here after your trainee phase
  • your own equipment (laptop and accessories)
  • cover over costs for study materials (schoolbooks etc.)
  • short time internships in other departments
  • intense preparation 
  • monthly feedback meetings
  • bonus payments are possible
  • events like Kickoff- or barbecue parties
  • Further training options beyond your normal trainee programm

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For special questions about a trainee programm it´s a pleasure for us to help you.

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