Case Study More Throughput for the Laser Marking of Oscillating Blades

Three rotary table laser marking stations with integrated vision reduce production time and scrap and increase throughputs by 15 percent at Imperial Blades.


Read in our Case Study how three laser marking machines with a 2-station turntable and integrated vision system increased throughput by 15% at US blade manufacturer Imperial Blades.

You will also learn how FOBA's M3000-R laser marking systems were able to meet the manufacturer's second key requirement for oscillating saw blades: to significantly reduce scrap.


Read also ...

  • how scrap was reduced during marking.
  • how throughput was increased by 15%.
  • how important a smooth interaction between imaging and marking process is.
  • how Imperial Blades now marks 1.7 million blades per year per machine in two shifts thanks to FOBA.


For more information about the throughput increase in laser marking of industrial blades, download our Case Study here.

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