Case Study Laser marking as a part of automated additive manufacturing

How to put automation and digitalization of industrial manufacturing into practice? DMG MORI shows how it works by turning these topics into a live experience, together with FOBA and other partners: A process chain in DMG MORI's showroom in Bielefeld brings the added value of digitalized production to life – from the raw material to the finished product.


The process chain in DMG MORI's showroom in Bielefeld demonstrates the additive manufacturing of an aluminium robot head. The serial production implements all dimensions of process integration – 3D printing, automated complete machining and digitalization. The laser marking machine FOBA M2000-P plays an important role in this process chain for the traceability of the additively manufactured parts as well as for the entire process. That is why it is important that markings are highly precise and reliably readable.

Our Case Study describes the background including the workflow of the process chain, discusses why laser marking is crucial and explains the details of machine integration and automation. You will learn how to achieve a reliable, efficient marking process and what is important for a smooth integration of the laser marking system. Furthermore, it deals with the challenges of marking the additively manufactured parts and how to overcome them with innovative laser technology. 


Discover all details about the process chain and get to know:

  • What are the key functions of marking?
  • Why is laser marking crucial?
  • How were production-related marking challenges solved?
  • How was end-to-end digitalization implemented?
  • What is crucial for smooth integration of the marking system?


You would like to know all the details? Download the Case Study DMG MORI: "Laser marking as part of an automated production process in additive manufacturing".

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