Application Story Compact, versatile, easy to integrate: FOBA TITUS™

Size matters, especially in modern production environments where space is limited. If you are looking for a laser marking solution that is not only small but also easy integratable and versatile at the same time, we got you covered! Get to know the smallest lasermarking head on the market, the FOBA TITUS™!

It's about the small things in life!

Let us show you with four different marking examples how the world's smallest marking head can make a huge impact in production environments. Download the TITUS™ Application Story now and get to know, among other things:

  • Why the TITUS™ marking head fits in nearly every production environment.

  • What it has in store for automation and process controls.

  • What's behind the fast installation time of the TITUS™ marking head


Would you like to know more? Download the document "Application Story TITUS™"!