Case Study Laser Layer Removal of Day-Night Design Car Parts

Laser ablation or paint removal in day and night design is the preferred method for creating high-contrast marks on technical controls that are clearly legible both during day and night. Sharp black and white contrasts ensure perfect visibility in the daytime while striking lightdark contrasts allow optimal visibility in the dark. High-performance laser markers process various coated or painted base materials with high precision, selectively removing individual layers of paint or coatings, and creating brilliant backlit buttons and controls in different colors.

Material and Procedure

Laser ablation or paint removal is a flexible method for high-end day and night applications which can be found not only in automobile and aircraft industries but also in the production of electronics and household appliances. A usually transparent or translucent base material (in most cases plastic but other materials such as glass are possible as well) is coated with one or more colored layers of paint, coat or lacquer. During day-night design (paint removal/ ablation), the laser removes these layers with pinpoint accuracy. Functional signs and symbols become visible with the sharpest contrasts.


In addition to their highest demands for optimum marking quality, manufacturers require fast, efficient and zero-defect or almost scrap-free production. It is all about excellent marking results at highest productivity and lowest operating costs: Optimum legibility requires highest contrasts; uncompromising quality is the result of precise and sharp markings that last long and are highly resistant against abrasion. To ensure that a symbol is created exactly where it is expected to be and in the desired color, highest accuracy during paint removal is required. Maximum productivity and short process times are made possible by fast and errorfree ablation. Low-maintenance lasers with long lifetimes enable the lowest operating costs.

The Solution

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