At a Glance Changing course for Part Marking Processes: How to Boost Your Production with Laser Marking

Marking processes such as pad printing, labeling or continuous inkjet (CIJ) are increasingly being replaced by laser marking, especially in the electronics and automotive industries. For good reasons: Laser markers meet the requirements for a sustainable, forward-thinking and competitive production.

It's Time for a Change: The Trend is Towards Laser Marking

Industrial part marking is constantly evolving. These developments are driven by automation and digitalization as well as by technological innovations and new challenges, such as ever smaller components. Stricter requirements for quality assurance and production efficiency, new regulations and a growing awareness of environmental and health protection are additional factors. Against this background, many companies put existing marking processes to the test and switch to laser marking.

Get to know more details about the reasons for choosing laser marking in our document "At a glance":

  • Cost-effectiveness: Boost your productivity!
  • Safety and quality: Reduce scrap and workload!
  • Easy-to-use: Be flexible!
  • Health and environment: Benefit twice!


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