Industrial part marking Laser marking at a glance

Laser marking is an efficient and safe process for direct part marking (DPM). Lasers are optimally suited for permanently marking nearly all materials in a reliable, efficient way. The term “laser marking”, also known as “laser engraving”, covers different methods like annealing, color change or ablation. Due to many advantages, lasers are the preferred choice for product identification in various industries, from medical technology to the automotive and electronics industries.

Which lasers are suitable for laser marking and engraving?

There are different kinds of lasers that are commonly used for marking and engraving: Fiber, UV and CO2 lasers with different wavelengths, from ultraviolet to infrared. Which laser is optimally suited depends on the material, the kind of product, your marking requirements and your needs.

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Laser marking and engraving: How does it work?

Laser marking is a contactless procedure: The permanent, abrasion- and scratch-resistant marks are the result of the interaction between the laser beam and the material. Depending on the effect that is created by the laser beam, different methods are distinguished. The marking result depends on the adjustment of a number of correlating variables. These include the laser beam source, the laser parameters, the type of material and, last but not least, the marking requirements.

Benefits of laser marking and engraving

Laser marking ensures quality, safety and efficiency: 

  • Permanent, realiably readable markings
  • Stable marking process: Highly precise mark alignment, repeatable marking, consistent high marking quality
  • Reliable traceability and counterfeit protection
  • Easy modification of marking contents
  • Reliable marking according to medical standards
  • Mechanically rugged, air-cooled technology ensures high uptime
  • Almost no consumables and little maintenance for low running costs
  • User-friendly setup and easy-to-use software

Solutions for laser marking and engraving

With a broad portfolio of marking lasers and laser marking machines, we offer reliable and high-efficient solutions for industrial part marking with added value: The innovative FOBA lasers are economical, reliable, easy to integrate and enable stable, repeatable marking processes with a laser-integrated vision system.

The vision-based marking process HELP (Holistic Enhanced Laser Process) offers automated mark alignment and verification steps for quality assurance and helps to significantly reduce scrap rates. The results are perfectly aligned, optimally legible, permanent markings – from data matrix codes (DMC) through alphanumeric characters and serial numbers to logos.

The right marking laser for every task

Powerful fiber lasers, UV lasers, CO2 laser markers, ultrashort pulse lasers and green lasers are available for flexible, fast and high-quality product and material marking and integration into production systems, special machines or FOBA workstations. FOBA offers the complete range of solutions for laser marking:

  • for reliable product identification and traceability
  • with reliable, permanent legibility
  • for best product safety and easy quality assurance
  • with integrated vision technology for code reading and mark verification (OCV)

Which materials can be marked?


There is hardly any metal that cannot be processed using laser marking or laser engraving.



The requirements for plastic marking also vary depending on the material, function and stress.



Laser markers are ideal for marking ceramics due to their abrasion resistance and legibility.



Laser marking on paints enables precise markings without damaging the paint surface.



Laser marking on glass enables fine and permanent markings without damaging the surface.


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