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FOBA GO – web-based UI for laser marking

FOBA GO is an innovative touch UI for easy and fast creation and output of marking content with free-form editor for web/browser-based business of FOBA marking lasers.

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FOBA Mosaic – Laser marking without fixtures

The patent-pending feature solves all major challenges of precise mark alignment on large products regardless of the position below the marking laser.

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Vision-assisted laser marking process

HELP (Holistic Enhanced Laser Process) is a holistic vision-assisted laser marking process that offers part and mark validation prior and right after marking. HELP avoids marking errors and validates the content right after marking.

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Titus™ - The world's smallest laser marking head!

The smallest, lightest and easiest-to-integrate laser marking head in the world is maybe the biggest evolution in part marking. Despite its size, it offers an outstanding marking quality and speed!

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Day & Night Design Solutions

High contrast for best visibility in daylight and brilliant luminance at night. Paint removal is a process for high contrast design of technical buttons that need to be easy to recognize in daylight and at night.

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Video Gallery M-Series

M1000 - Compact laser workstation

The M1000 is a powerful desktop workstation equipped with powerful fiber lasers from 10 to 50 Watt. It's the ideal solution for small parts and low volume requirements. All of our vision- and software solutions are available.

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M2000 - Big workstation for high productivity

The M2000 is available in 3 versions with fiber laser from 10 to 50 Watt. The video shows the P-version with programmable X-, Y- and Z-axis as well as a motorized worktable and the camera system IMP (Intelligent Mark-Positioning).

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M3000 - The largest machine for large parts

The M3000 is similar to the M2000 but can be loaded with larger parts and has a larger marking field. In addition to fiber lasers from 10 to 50 Watt, the M3000 can also be equipped with an uv laser. The video shows the roundtable version for maximized throughput.

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Video Gallery Basic Rails

FOBA Titus™ - A remarkable fiber laser

Titus™ has the smallest laser marking head in the world.

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