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Laser Marking of Plastics in Medical Technology

A great number of medical applications, many of which require direct part marking for device identification purposes, are made of plastics. Since lasers can create durable and high-quality marks, laser technology is the proven method for plastic marking.

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FOBA at the Virtual Manufacturing Day November 24th, 2020

The first Virtual Manufacturing Day 2020 on November 24 is a virtual trade show for manufacturing companies from the automotive, medical or electronics industries. The focus is on automation solutions specifically for product tracking. The exhibitors are showcasing innovations in optical quality control, robot-supported production, analysis and diagnostics, in the application of materials such as metal or plastic, and in laser marking.

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What is a MOPA Laser and What is it Used For?

Fiber laser markers, be it pulsed or continuous wave, have prevailed in nearly all industries for marking products permanently and in high quality. The fiber lasers that are used for industrial part marking usually are either Q-switch or MOPA lasers.

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