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Animal Ear Tags – Laser Marking for Barn and Meadow

Information management and “UAI” (“Unique Animal Identification”) do not even stop at farming. In order to be able to track an animal’s pedigree, for in-house registration reasons or milk output documentation, farm animals get tagged. Marking lasers apply appropriate numbers on plastic ear tags. Each animal receives two ear tags to prevent loss, one for each ear – better safe than sorry.

The grey and white, horned moorland sheep from Dummersdorfer Ufer get their first temporary ear tags right after birth for intern assignment to their mother animals – white for the female, changing colors depending on their birth period for the male lambs.

For an entry in the official animal holding register, they receive their final ear tags including an electronic chip at the age of about nine months. Registration data is allocated by state authorities and consist of a breeding farm number and an individual animal number. There is a legal obligation for ear tagging and central registration for all breeding and slaughter animals in Germany.

The animals keep their ear tags for their whole life. Laser marking is the most appropriate marking solution for intensive wear seen in a stable. Classical color change/frothing processing with fiber lasers is used for ear tag marking.