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Melted Plastics: Easy and Effective Marking with CO2 Laser

Melt engraving with a CO2-laser is a possible alternative to the color change process by fiber or UV laser when labeling plastic. Especially when it comes to straightforward marking of single-line characters and codes, a CO2-laser system, integrated into the production line, can provide a fast and easy labeling solution. Read More

Starting the Formula 1-season – Fast, Safe and Traceable

At the start of this year’s racing season, it’s also worth taking a look at the automotive components that are under the hood. A variety of metal or plastic components are laser-marked, including brake discs, ball bearings, pistons or gears, as well as door lock or steering wheel housings, pipes and conduits. Read More

Day-Night-Design on a Center Console – Precise Paint Removal with a Customized Laser

Laser paint removal is the most advanced way of creating highly precise sharply contoured symbols on coated, translucent or transparent plastics. Day-night-design components carry signs that are backlit by night and safely distinguishable in any lighting conditions. These components are usually made of white ABS-plastic, like this automotive center console (see picture in the middle).

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