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How to Optimize DMCs – Facts About Data Matrix Codes (Part #2)

In the previous article about data matrix codes (DMCs) you learned some basics. This article addresses questions which you will come across in your daily work with marking DMCs sooner or later:

  1. How can you optimize the DMC to increase its readability?
  2. How can you decrease the marking time for a DMC?
  3. How can you avoid that DMCs are incorrectly marked?

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Facts About Data Matrix Codes for Product Identification (Part #1)

A data matrix code, or in short simply “DMC”, is a 2D code. In many industries DMCs have become the preferred way of encoding data, e.g. in automotive and medical industries. Machine readable data matrix codes are marked reliably, efficiently, permanently and abrasion-resistant with laser marking machines. But what do I need to know if I would like to mark products with data matrix codes? Read More

Starting the Formula 1-season – Fast, Safe and Traceable

At the start of this year’s racing season, it’s also worth taking a look at the automotive components that are under the hood. A variety of metal or plastic components are laser-marked, including brake discs, ball bearings, pistons or gears, as well as door lock or steering wheel housings, pipes and conduits. Read More