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Webinar follow-up with Merck: How to improve laser marking through functional pigments

Silvia Rosenberger, Technical Marketing Manager at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt Germany, held a lecture as part of the FOBA “Virtual Manufacturing Day 2020” webinar series on January 14, 2021. As an expert for laser pigments, she explained together with her colleague Stefan Gutberlet, Global Marketing Manager Industrial Pigments, how plastics can be optimized for obtaining best laser marking results.

During the webinar, which attracted many participants, numerous questions came up which could not all be answered due to limitations of time. Therefore, as a webinar follow-up, Silvia Rosenberger and Stefan Gutberlet kindly provide their missing answers for the FOBA blog.

The webinar recording “Lasermarking of polymers and the improvement through laser pigments” from January 14, 2021, is available on demand at

 Just in a nutshell: What is the benefit of using laser pigments?

Stefan Gutberlet: Customers either ask for an improvement in speed or in marking quality. So, we say: Once the lasers become faster, the material must keep up with it. And this is what our pigments do. They improve the marking speed, the contrast and the line definition with pulsed DPSS or fibre lasers in polymers. Without laser pigments most polymers do not contrast mark at all. 

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Der kleinste Industrie Lasermarkierkopf

Behind the scenes: How did the idea for the smallest laser in the world come about? – or in other words: This is the best solution for line integration challenges with marking lasers on the market.

Based on our decades of experience, our focus is to develop solutions for the industry which will master every challenge.  Whether it is our special solution for the medical market to ensure safe and easy UDI-Marking with maximum efficiency, or development of the smallest laser head in the world. Our solutions are always based on close cooperation with the industry. Through targeted surveys and the close cooperation with our customers, certain challenges with line integration have repeatedly been noticed. Our development and product departments did an amazing job by solving these challenges.

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Crystal clear – CO2 and UV laser marking on glass

Glass is best marked with UV or CO2 laser systems. The energy input can be kept low to minimize the effect of microcracking.

Both marking methods create easily readable and resistant characters by means of engraving or colour change, which are optically different on closer inspection. While the UV laser marks are even, finely rasterized areas, the resolution of the CO2 marking appears in coarser pixels.

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Checklist: How to Prepare the Acquisition of a Laser Marking Machine

The acquisition of a laser marker is a large investment for any organization. The correct choice of the laser depends on many variables and it is challenging to keep the overview of the huge number of providers and suppliers. The following questions will help you to get as many information as possible and to prepare the acquisition process by considering the main aspects. Read More