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Day-Night-Design on a Center Console – Precise Paint Removal with a Customized Laser

Laser paint removal is the most advanced way of creating highly precise sharply contoured symbols on coated, translucent or transparent plastics. Day-night-design components carry signs that are backlit by night and safely distinguishable in any lighting conditions. These components are usually made of white ABS-plastic, like this automotive center console (see picture in the middle).


FOBA’s fiber laser system Y.0201-DN has been developed especially for marking such symbols. It is equipped with an integrated camera that enabled the precise alignment of each of the symbols on the 20 different switches of the console individually. The entire process including the paint removal laser marking took only 14.5 seconds. Afterwards the symbols’ contours and positions are additionally validated by the camera. High precision and accurate positioning of the symbols guarantees optimal contrast and readability.