FAQ Laser Safety Officer: What Do I Need to Know?

The laser protection regulation for Germany, the "Verordnung zum Schutz der Arbeitnehmer vor Gefährdungen durch künstliche optische Strahlung - OStrV", requires a written appointment of a laser safety officer for the operation of lasers of the two most dangerous laser classes (3 or 4). You will find all relevant questions and answers here.

Do you need a laser safety officer?

Do you operate a class 3R, 3B or 4 laser? For Germany the answer is: Yes, you need a laser safety officer! This is the requirement of the laser safety regulation which is relevant for Germany ("Verordnung zum Schutz der Arbeitnehmer vor Gefährdungen durch künstliche optische Strahlung - OStrV")“.

What does ”laser class” mean?

All laser beam sources and laser equipment worldwide are divided into four laser classes, starting with laser class 1 (non-hazardous) ascending to laser class 4 (very hazardous). The existing hazard potential can be derived from the classes.

How do I become a laser safety officer?

In order to prove being qualified for the tasks of a laser safety officer, expert knowledge in the field of laser safety is required. The participant acquires this expertise by attending a training course and successfully passing a final examination, see OStrV, §5.


Should a laser safety officer training meet special requirements?

Yes! Such a training should meet the requirements of the „Technischen Regeln für optische Strahlung – TROS-Laserstrahlung“ in order to be approved by the professional associations. 

Where do I find the legal requirements for appointing a laser safety officer?

The legal requirements for the appointment of a laser safety officer are regulated in the "Verordnung zum Schutz der Beschäftigten durch künstliche optische Strahlung – OstrV" as well as in the " Technischen Regeln für optische Strahlung – TROS-Laserstrahlung ".

I am already a laser safety officer. Do I need to refresh my knowledge?

Yes, absolutely: Principle 303-005 of the DGUV (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung – German Social Accident Insurance) states that the requirement is to participate in a training every 5 years.

Who should attend a laser safety officer training?

Such a training is for future laser safety officers of the company (safety officers, skilled workers, foremen, group leaders, etc.) and for already appointed laser safety officers who would like to adapt their expertise to the current status or need to refresh their knowledge (see above).


What do I learn in a laser safety officer training course?

You will learn in our trainings:

  • Basics of laser beam generation and fields of application of laser technology
  • Relevant laser standards and laser safety regulations
  • Safety precautions for the laser classes
  • Determination and assessment of potential hazards and performance of the legally required risk assessment for the laser workplace 
  • Implementation of protective measures
  • Duties, powers and responsibilities of a laser safety officer
  • Monitoring safe operation of the laser equipment

Are there any advanced seminars?

Yes, for example advanced seminars provide expert knowledge for the design of safe laser safety housings and enable to carry out the CE process in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive.