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Brilliant and durable – Marking on anodized aluminium

Aluminum is often anodized, i.e. provided with a ceramic-like oxide layer to protect the material from abrasion or natural oxidation. The layer also has a decorative character, since it can be anodized in many colors.

CO2 or fiber lasers are suitable for labeling the anodized surface. Classically, the CO2 marking laser creates a bright lettering (by bleaching), while fiber laser systems mark dark as well as bright. In both cases, the effect brought about by the laser is a color change.

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Laserbeschriftung Kugellager

Runs smoothly – Error-free laser marking on ball-bearings

Small defects in a ball bearing are often difficult to detect, e.g. if single rollers are missing , wrongly mounted, or if a component is of a different size. If the undesired part is then labelled with a laser marker, this causes unnecessary and relatively high costs. FOBA’s camera-based marking solution offers an economical solution that integrates part detection, marking and validation of the marked characters in a single, safe process.

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Differences between Marking Time and Cycle Time for Direct Part Marking with Laser

There is a difference between marking time and cycle time for industrial parts marking. “Okay”, you might say. “So what? Does that matter?” The answer is simple: Yes, it does. At least, if a realistic throughput calculation matters to you. For example, in order to validate if you can meet the target output with your equipment, stay within the calculated costs per part, and plan your internal resources such as required production people correctly.

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My Marking System Runs on a Windows 7 PC: What do I Need to Know When Microsoft will End the Support?

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will end the support for Windows 7. After that you won’t receive any technical support or software updates via Windows Update for the protection of your PC! After January 14, 2020, your system as well as the application and production files on your PC will be more vulnerable to security breaches and viruses. Read through the frequently asked questions before you upgrade your system to Windows 10 to avoid data loss or failure of your marking system.

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