Blog – Application of the Month

QR-Code Marking on Beverage Can Lids

Individualized codes with flexible contents like QR-codes on beverage cans can be applied on the outside of the can as well as inside the opener. They serve as marketing tools which help to increase customer engagement with the brand. By scanning the code with a mobile device, the end-user can access the brand’s website, join a contest, benefit from special promotion s etc.

Due to high-speed requirements in the production process of beverage cans, which usually are mass produced, the applied marking system needs to be capable of high-speed serial production, too. FOBA’s fiber laser marking system Y.1000 with “built-in productivity” enables high line-speeds with up to 600 meters per minute. A 498 millimeters wide marking field results in more throughput, especially for mark-on-the-fly applications.