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Visible in the Dark – Day-Night-Design

This time of the year, driving with searchlights on lightens up the outside darkness. Inside the vehicle, we hit the right switches when they are lit up from inside out. Their transparency and the backlit signs on them are created by highly precise layer removal. The basic plastic material has been coated by one or multilayer lacquer films. Defined areas of the underlying material are made visible by removing layers in a sophisticated laser procedure, called Day-Night-Design. Visible areas when backlit become graphic displays in the dark.

With multilayer coatings, creating different colors on one item is possible. High flexibility in applying variable marking contents, easily adjusting marking parameters to different colors and lacquers, as well as FOBA’s automated vision based part detection, make laser the most effective technique for day-night-design. Especially automobile, aerospace and electronics manufacturers benefit from the advantages of laser for processing backlit displays. Demanding day-night-design applications can best be realized with Nd:YAG-laser systems or certain fiber-lasers.