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offline [in inglese] Ready to "GO" - laser marking easy to integrate and set-up with Titus and FOBA Go

In this educational webinar, Philipp Febel, Director Product Management at FOBA, will illustrate how easy to use, fast to set up and flexible to integrate Titus™ and FOBA Go are. Titus™ is robust and durable and therefore perfect for integration in harsh environments. FOBA Go is an innovative web-based touch UI for the easy and quick creation and output of marking jobs. Everything you need to mark your product is ready to “Go”.

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offline Lean manufacturing: Can lasers do more than marking?

In this educational Webinar Dr. Faycal Benayad-Cherif, will illustrate how the integration of inspection tools and automation in laser marking machines enables lean manufacturing processes. Use cases from the automotive and the medical industries will be presented.

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offline [in inglese] Automation & Laser Marking

FOBA invites you to an educational webinar on how to make automated laser marking processes simple, safe and economical. During this webinar, Faycal Benayad-Cherif, Global Strategic Account Manager at FOBA, will share the technical challenges and pitfalls to avoid when transitioning to automated laser marking.

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offline MDR: come posso implementare la UDI in modo tecnicamente conforme?

Aggiornamento sulla UDI secondo la Normativa FDA ed MDR: cosa c'è da sapere sulla Marcatura UDI dei dispositivi Medicali, dello Strumentario e degli Impiantabili?Ti interessa sapere di più sulla marcatura diretta UDI e su come rispettare le linee guida introdotte dalla MDR? Allora guardate il nostro webinar e imparate cosa richiedono i regolamenti.

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offline [in inglese] UDI requirements - Are you ready now?

With the UDI system (Unique Device Identification) manufacturers are obliged to identify and register medical devices. In the EU, the UDI is regulated within the framework of the MDR (Medical Device Regulation). In the USA, the FDA is authoritative. Seamless product tracking, less product piracy and highest patient safety are the goals. We bring you up to date on the current status of UDI direct marking of medical devices and give an overview of the UDI system according to MDR and FDA.

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online [in inglese] UDI Expert Talk: Automation and medical device manufacturing – What you need to know!

In diesem Webinar wird Faycal Benayad-Cherif, Global Strategic Account Manager bei FOBA, über die technischen Herausforderungen bei der Automatisierung eines Lasermarkiervorgangs in der Medizintechnik sprechen. Sie erhalten Einblicke in unterschiedliche Automatisierungsprozesse: vom Cobot bis hin zur vollautomatisierten Lösung, von der Beschriftung einer Knochenschraube bis hin zur umlaufenden Ringmarkierung einer Kanüle.

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online [in inglese] UDI Expert Talk: Preventing corrosion during laser marking – Practical application experience

Laser marking on metals like titanium or stainless steel can cause corrosion in the lasered areas. But only if corrosion is prevented, the direct mark on a medical device will remain durable throughout its lifetime. In addition, particle emission can only be prevented if the surface is intact, so that biocompatibility can be guaranteed, e.g. of an implant.

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online [in inglese] These 3 Vision Technologies Will Change Your Laser Marking Experience

When it comes to reducing waste and increasing productivity while maintaining the highest precision and process reliability, camera systems are indispensable in laser marking machines. To ensure these conditions, we would like to introduce our three software solutions "Mosaic", "IMP" and "Point and Shoot". These solutions not only prevent the laser from marking the wrong part but also inspect the laser mark right after marking. Furthermore, our patented software feature MOSAIC allows you to easily label your product without expensive and time-consuming product fixtures.

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