Innovative laser technology overcomes challenges in marking of plastic

Plastic and plastic parts are used in nearly every industry. For traceability and quality assurance reasons or because of protection against plagiarism, plastic parts have to be readable and permanently marked. As the marking is usually a process at the end of the product line, it requires cost-effective and qualitative solutions. At Fakuma, FOBA – leading manufacturer of laser-based process solutions and parts marking – shows how vision-based laser technology supports not only the efficiency of product lines but also innovative design, security of products and traceability.

Many industries are dependent on strict requirements and guidelines when it comes to the traceability of their products. Manufacturers in the automotive industry or medical technology as an example are committed to permanently mark security-relevant parts and to meet the high demands on product and process security, traceability and quality standards. Therefore, it is necessary to mark the right part, on the right spot with the right content. The marking process should be repeatable and assure high cost effectiveness and the reduction of scrap.

Many parts in the automotive industry contain of plastic. Because of the flexible usage, the gentle product treatment and the permanent marking, laser marking systems have proved to be a perfect solution in marking plastics. Different laser marking treatments like the removal of material or lacquers, engraving or color change result in different marking effects. This allows informative and decorative marking. The laser is a precise and permanent marking solution, which prevents plagiarism and offers a high marking quality.

Besides the marking characteristics FOBA laser marking systems represent cost-effective process solutions. With the help of a vision-based pre and post verification of parts and marking, reject rates are decreased and efficiency is increased. FOBA’s innovative IMP (Intelligent Mark Positioning) solution unites marking and validation in a three-step process: pre-verification of marking, laser marking and post-verification as e.g. the 2D matrix code reading.

As a result of the use of the IMP solution, manufacturers can guarantee high process stability and precise marking in zero defect quality. Being able to reread codes is especially valuable for the product documentation and for a reliable and fast identification of products in case of a recall. With FOBA’s process solution manufacturers experience an increased product quality, high cost effectiveness and reliable traceability.

At Fakuma, FOBA presents a new fiber laser marking system and further innovative laser solutions for parts marking and identification like the vision-based IMP. Additionally, attendees can experience live demonstrations on FOBA’s M1000 and M2000. In the context of expert interviews at the booth, challenges and solutions within laser marking of plastics will be discussed.

FOBA at Fakuma: hall A2, booth #A2-2112
October 13-17, 2015, Messe Friedrichshafen


HELP laser marking process

IMP (Intelligent Mark Positioning)

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Laser marked 2D code on a plastic connector


Laser marking machine FOBA M2000 with new fiber laser marker and integrated camera system IMP