Automation Partner ZELTWANGER

  • Semi- and fully automated systems
  • Fully automated laser product marking with the X-CELL MED
  • Automated loading/unloading with the X-LOAD cobot

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When talking about automation, leak testing, contract manufacturing and assembly services, ZELTWANGER stands for competence, innovation and state-of-the-art technical solutions. Customers benefit from holistic support: from analysis, consulting and customer-specific developments to assembly and software development as well as commissioning and service.

X-CELL MED with Y.0201 Standardized processing cell for laser marking

  • Fully networked cell for fully automated laser product marking with FOBA's Y.0201 universal marking system for medical device marking
  • Modular system platform with small footprint (approx. 2.5m2)
  • Realization of complex markings without reclamping thanks to the use of robots
  • ONE-BOX solution with integrated control cabinet
  • Order management per drawer (3-fold drawer system for up to 18 KLTS)

Further information on the X-CELL MED

X-LOAD cobot for FOBA M-Serie Automated loading and unloading of laser marking stations

  • Automated loading and unloading platform for M1000 and M2000/3000 manual laser marking workstations
  • Scalable > different system layouts (loading of up to two laser workstations with one X-LOAD cobot, up to three feeding carts)
  • Robot loading (payload up to 10kg)
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs per workpiece due to 24/7 machining process
  • Drawer system with order management per drawer

Further information on the X-LOAD cobot

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