Financing FOBA Lease

Get the best laser marking equipment – just lease it! With our FOBA Lease Program you'll benefit from more planning security and financial flexibility. Even when you think you can't afford to buy new equipment – with our attractive leasing offers for our complete product range, from laser marking rails to turn-key laser marking machines with vision.

Leasing can free up significant capital

FOBA Lease is currently available in the USA only. Please find the corresponding Terms and Conditions here.

  • The easiest and fastest way to get new equipment 
  • Lower upfront costs
  • Minor impact on your cash flow
  • No need for investment budget
  • No impact on your inventory
  • Use the latest technology
  • Don't get stuck with obsolete equipment
  • Don't worry about maintenance, we do it for you
  • Benefit from an income tax break, because you can deduct your leasing costs as a business expense


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