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For best integration: System solutions for laser marking, laser etching, laser engraving and direct part marking

CO2-, Fiber laser and UV laser marker

FOBA’s high-performance marking and engraving lasers handle nearly all laser marking and laser engraving tasks. The marks and engravings produced set standards and persuade with their brilliance, permanence, protection against forgery, and precision. FOBA laser marking systems are used in several industries to apply various types of contents on different kinds of materials – from organic materials to ceramics, glass, plastics and metals.

We offer solid-state laser markers, faser laser markeruv laser marker and CO2 laser markers which can be used to speedily produce premium-quality mark for products and materials in a flexible manner. They can also be used for integration into production facilities, special machines or FOBA laser marking machines.

Several options for customized configurations:

  • Various focusing lenses for marking fields of different sizes
  • Three wavelength ranges for various applications: 355nm (UV), 1,060-1,070nm (infrared), 10,600nm (infrared)
  • Beam deflection units and protection classes for optimal integration 
  • Numerous languages for users around the world

Laser at your service

  • Customized configuration and client-specific solutions
  • Cost-effective, thanks to the reliability of laser materials processing
  • Low-maintenance marking systems (for the most part, without consumables)
  • Flexible and capable of being used in a variety of ways
  • The best tool for integration
  • Marking during motion (mark on the fly) and stationary marking

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