CO2 Laser Marker C.0303

The compact version of the proven CO2 laser marking technology: affordable and efficient

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The FOBA C.0303* offers high-quality laser marking at an affordable price. With an output of 30 watts, it is particularly suitable for simple marking applications in the electronics and automotive supply industries. It can precisely mark various materials such as plastics, resins, glass, ceramics, wood, paper and cardboard.


Thanks to its compact one-box design, the C.0303 can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into existing production lines. The intuitive FOBA Go user interface enables simple operation without extensive training. This makes the laser particularly attractive for companies that require high-quality markings without compromising on efficiency and costs.

*only available in Europe and Asia


Easy to use

The compact one-box design of the C.0303 ensures smooth integration into production lines, minimizing setup times. The easy-to-use, web-based FOBA Go user interface enables intuitive marking directly via the browser. This simplifies the workflow and significantly reduces training requirements for operators, as labelling tasks can be carried out efficiently and directly from any computer.


More reliability

The C.0303 is not just an entry-level laser, but combines proven quality, ease of use and a compact footprint at an affordable price without compromising on process reliability. Its reliable performance ensures stable and precise marking and labelling, which is particularly important in industrial environments to ensure efficient and error-free production processes.

Built-in productivity

The reliable C.0303 not only impresses with its simple maintenance and fast changeover times, but also leads to a significant increase in productivity. These efficiency improvements allow companies to save around 30 hours of production time per year, resulting in increased overall performance and improved capacity utilisation.


Main fields of application

Technical specifications



Marking features
Marking heads and focusing
  • Three focussing optics (f = 100 / 150 / 200 mm)
Marking fields (mm2) Depends on marking head and focus lens
  • f = 100 mm (FobaGO 36 x 57 mm²)
  • f = 150 mm (FobaGO 54 x 85 mm²)
  • f = 200 mm (FobaGO 72 x 115 mm²)
Type Sealed CO₂ laser, 30 watts, wavelength 9.3/10.2 and 10.6 μm
Laser class 4 (as per IEC 60825-1)

User interfaces

Handheld controller TU430 and TU440
PC Software Browser-enabled FOBA Go touch control software (optional for FOBA Touch Display)
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP), inputs for encoders and product detector triggers; 9 inputs/5 outputs in addition to the machine/operator interlocks


Electrics L/N/PE 100 – 120 VAC, 200 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption max. 700 Watt
Ambient conditions
IP rating


Cooling Air-cooled
Temperature/humidity 5 – 40 °C / 20 -90 %, non-condensing    
Marking unit

~19 kg

Certifications CE


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