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Fiber laser markers are the lasers of choice when it comes to marking and engraving a variety of materials (plastics, metals). Fiber laser marking systems offer high marking speeds, high-quality marking results and are cost-efficient. The compact fiber laser markers can be easily integrated into lines, machines and systems and offer flexible options for automation solutions.

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Marking with fiber laser markers

Fiber lasers in industrial parts marking

The fiber laser is considered as the "all-rounder" for marking industrial parts and products, as it is well absorbed by many materials. With its typical wavelength of 1064 nm, fiber laser markers are ideally suited for marking metals and a variety of plastics used in automotive and electronics industry as well as in medical technology

Depending on the material and parameters, fiber lasers achieve different marking effects: They are used for annealing and color change/frothing as well as for color/material removal.

In a ytterbium fiber laser (such as the Y-Series laser markers), the ytterbium in the fiber acts as a dopant to achieve the required optical qualities by amplifying the light beam. This creates a highly focused laser beam that is ideal for achieving durable, pin-sharp, particularly filigree and reliably readable markings.


Due to their broad application range, fiber laser markers are a wide spread solution for direct part marking in many industries. A high beam quality together with the optimum focusability enable best marking quality at high marking speeds. Our compact fiber lasers offer you decisive advantages for marking your parts and products: 

  • High-quality, fast markings with optimum legibility for reliable traceability
  • Flexibility and customization for your requirements
  • Mechanically rugged, air-cooled technology ensures high uptime
  • Low-maintenance, low consumption costs
  • Easy and seamless integration
  • Reliability and efficiency provide process optimization
  • Zero-defect quality due to the laser-integrated vision system

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