Laser Marker Y-Series
Fiber laser marker

Applied variety: a range of system variants enables many applications

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The powerful fiber laser markers in the Y-Series are ideally suited for industrial part marking. They are used in almost all metal and plastic processing industries for precise and efficient direct marking of parts and products: from automotive construction through medical and security technology to electronics. All kinds of codes (QR codes, DMC / DataMatrix Codes, Barcodes), alphanumeric characters, logos and letterings are marked reliably and highly accurate with fiber lasers. The vision system which can be optionally integrated in the marking unit, features markings in zero-defect quality and process reliability through automatic optical verification and validation steps. The Marking Field Calibration as well as parameter sets for optimizing marking speed, quality and accuracy allow optimum adaptation to the respective application.

The modular construction enables highest flexibility, application-specific configuration and easy integration in production lines and stand-alone systems like FOBA fiber laser marking machines: The Y-Series includes 8 different fiber laser sources, spanning power and pulse width ranges on one modular platform. 


High precision

Through the marking head with integrated vision system


cost effective production

Optical validation and verification steps prevent mis-marking and reduce waste



easy integration and configuration



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Technical specifications

Fiber marking lasers (pulsed): Y.0100, Y.0200, Y.0300, Y.0500, Y.0201

Fiber marking lasers (pulsed): Y.0100, Y.0200, Y.0300, Y.0500, Y.0201

Marking features 
Marking head CP10 with various precision optics for focusing (f = 100/ 163/ 254/ 420 mm)
Marking fields* Various fields, ranging from 60 x 76 mm2 (f = 100 mm) up to 315 x 368 mm2 (f = 420 mm)
Speed* Up to 1,000 characters/sec.* (up to 1,200 characters/ sec.* with High-S tuning)
Laser sources
Type Pulsed Ytterbium fiber lasers (Yb):
Y.0100 (10W), Y.0200 (20W), Y.0300 (30W), Y.0500 (50W), Y.0201 (20W), several pulse frequency ranges, wavelength 1064 nm
Laser class  4 (according to DIN EN 60825-1:2014)
  • PC software FOBA MarkUS and FOBA Draw (on separate, external, optional Windows 10 PC)
  • TCP/IP, Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT
Electrical requirements L/N/PE 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Y.0100, Y.0200, Y.0300, Y.0201 : 400 VA | Y.0500: 700 VA
IP rating    
  • Marking unit IP54
  • Supply unit IP21 | Y.0201: IP20 | Y.1000: IP22
Cooling     Air-cooled, auto overheat protection
Temperature     5 - 35° C
Humidity     10 - 90 %, non-condensing
  • Marking unit approx. 8 kg | Y.0201: 5 kg
  • Supply unit approx. 20 kg | Y.1000: 25 kg
Scope of delivery and Options, accessories
Scope of delivery
  • Marking laser with selectable tunings (High-Q tuning, High-S tuning) and pilot laser
Options, accessories
  • IMP camera (integrated in CP10 marking head) 
  • Lighting for camera systems IMP, Point & Shoot 
  • Exhaust systems


*application dependent


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