Ultrashort Pulse Laser F.0100-ir

Ultrashort pulse laser for deep black,
material-protecting markings

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"ULTRA" in every way: FOBA's F.0100-ir ultrashort pulse laser marks ULTRA BLACK, is ULTRA FAST and ULTRA COMPACT. These features are very special for a marking laser of this type.

In addition, the marking laser comes along with another special, distinguishing feature: the continuously adjustable pulse width between femto- and picosecond range. This flexibility enables maximum marking precision, outstanding process stability and optimum adaptation to the most demanding marking requirements. The air-cooled USP marking system opens up a wide range of applications, particularly in the field of medical technology, for example for marking UDI codes, as well as for various applications in automotive and electronic industries.


Ultra black and resistant

The combination of a high pulse energy with very short pulses sets the F.0100-ir apart and is the key to deepest black, permanent, gentle markings that are non-reflective regardless of the angle and incidence of light. Since the material is exposed to almost no heat, the marking remains reliably legible and corrosion-resistant even after further processing steps, such as passivation. This makes the ultrashort pulse laser the ideal marking laser for medical instruments made of stainless steel or titanium as well as for a wide range of plastics, glass and other metals.


Ultra fast and high-quality

The F.0100-ir marking laser is designed to mark various metals and plastics at high speed in best quality. With pulse lengths in the pico- and femtosecond range at enormous pulse powers, the heat input is so low that even heat-sensitive materials are reliably marked without damaging the material. At the same time, the ultrashort pulse laser is so powerful that throughput can be increased by a factor of up to 4 without sacrificing excellent marking quality. The high marking speed and the possibility of integrating a vision system contribute to an efficient, reliable and thus economical marking process.


Ultra compact and flexible

The F.0100-ir is one of the smallest ultrashort pulse marking systems on the market, allowing it to be used in the tightest of spaces. Due to its very compact design, the marking laser can be easily and smoothly integrated into production lines and laser marking machines such as the M-Series. However, the infrared laser's high flexibility is not only provided by its small size and the continuously adjustable pulse width. The uncomplicated combination with FOBA software and vision solutions also offers the greatest possible scope for optimum adaptation to customer-specific requirements.



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Technical Data



Marking features
Laser type Fiber-based ultrashort pulse laser, wavelength 1030nm, 10 Watt, laser class 4 (acc. to IEC 60825-1)
Marking heads CP-10 with three lenses (f =100 mm/ 160 mm/ 254 mm)
Marking field sizes* Three sizes between f = 100 mm (MarkUS 50.97 x 50.97 mm2 | FobaGO 58.18 x 105.74 mm2)
and f = 254 mm (MarkUS 138.47 x 138.47mm2 | FobaGO 172.66 x 231.81 mm2)
Marking speed* Up to 6,000 mm/s or 700 characters/s
Adjustable Pulse width 400 fs - 4 ps
Pulsenergy up to 100 μJ
Beamquality M² < 1,2
Line width From 23 μm (depends on focusing optic)
Software | Interfaces FOBA MarkUS, FOBA Go | TCP/IP, Profibus, PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNetIP
Electrical requirements L/N/PE 110 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz | power consumtion: Typically 400 W  
IP rating | Cooling Marking unit IP21 | Lasercontrol unit IP20 | Supply unit IP21 | Air-cooled
Temperature | Humidity 15 – 32°C (59 – 89,6 °F)
90 % (max. 20 °C | 68 °F ), 30 % (max. 30 °C | 86 °F ), non-condensing
Weight Marking unit approx. 55 kg** | Supply unit approx. 11 kg | Laser Control Unit approx. 18 kg
Other options
Vision alignment system Intelligent Mark Positioning (IMP) for the precise position detection of parts/to-be-processed areas
and automatic alignment of marking/engraving/finishing
Laser pointer Pre-projection of the marking content

* max. markingspeed is depending on application **without F-Theta lens



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