Laser Marking System V.0042-uv
UV Laser Marker

UV Laser Marker for high-contrast markings on highly sensitive products

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FOBA's ultraviolet marking laser V.0042-uv achieves high-contrast markings even on sensitive products. The heat input remains minimal during marking, as the laser acts photochemically on the product surface with reduced edge heating. With a pulse duration of 5 to 35 ns and up to 4 watts of power, the V.0042-uv marking laser produces a color change without much foaming of the plastic. As a result, the material surface is hardly affected. FOBA's UV Laser Marker also enables the marking of materials such as silicones or multi-colored polyamides.


Applications that benefit from this gentle marking technology include cables made of TPE as well as transparent or colored hoses made of PVC for various industries. However, medical plastics for invasive applications through to flame-retardant polyamides and flame-retardant polyamides such as PA-66 for electronic housings can also be reliably marked. UV Laser Markers therefore also provide catheters or insulin pumps with permanently durable and sterilizable markings.


Thanks to its extremely compact design, the laser head is not only compatible with all M-Series Machines, but can also be easily integrated into existing production lines. The individual configurability of the V.0042-uv enables flexible adaptation of the laser head to the specific conditions of the production environment: e.g. variable cable outlet, two orientations of the writing head and the horizontal or vertical installation position of the laser head.



Material protection

Safety and integrity for sensitive and critical materials



Hygiene and sterility for UV laser marked medical plastics


Impressive markings

Filigree, high-contrast markings


High contrasts without additives

Solvent-free and additive-free marking of plastics 


Low maintenance and economical

Low-maintenance thanks to long-lasting diodes



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Technical specifications



Marking features
Marking heads CP10 with five focus lenses (f =103 mm/ 160 mm/ 210 mm/ 330 mm/ 580 mm)
Marking fields [mm]* min. 48,5 x 48,5 (f=103, Software MarkUS)
max. 353,7 x 353,7 (f=580, Software MarkUS)
Marking speed* Up to 15.000 mm/s, up to 1200 characters/s 
Line width From 22 µm (depends on focusing optic)
Type Pulsed Nd:YVO4 laser (Vanadat), diode-pumped, wavelength - 355 nm
Laser class 4 (as per DIN EN 60825-1)
User interfaces
PC software FOBA MarkUS or FOBA GO
Interface Network interface, I/O interfaces
Electrical requirements L/N/PE 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Typically 300 W
IP rating IP20 marking unit, IP20 supply unit
Cooling     Air-cooled
Temperature  10 – 35 °C | 50 - 95 °F
Humidity < 80%, non-condensing
Weight Marking unit approx. 24 kg**, supply unit approx. 13 kg
Other options
Vision alignment system

Intelligent Mark Positioning (IMP) for the precise position detection of parts/to-be- processed areas and automatic alignment of marking/engraving/finishing

Laser pointer

Interface Profibus, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT


*application dependent **without F-Theta lens


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