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Precise and repeatable: Intelligent Mark Positioning IMP

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FOBA's laser integrated vision system IMP (Intelligent Mark Positioning) is the heart of the market‘s simplest and most complete laser marking process solution called HELP, Holistic Enhanced Laser Process. With the concept of integrating the vision system directly into the marking system, we offer our customers a unique, simple and broad part marking workflow solution that ensures the highest production performance.

The patented IMP high-speed camera system automatically detects work pieces and their positions and aligns the etching accordingly, ensuring precision and repeatability. IMP consistently provides premium-quality markings and produces a measurable reduction in the number of defective products. This makes the camera system ideal for automated series production.



Automatic mark alignment

Many users have to strictly comply to defined processes, particularly if the mark position accuracy has a significant added value. IMP validates the part integrity, measures its position and automatically aligns the marking relative to the part. 


Automatic inspection

IMP provides the capability to achieve premark and/or post-mark verifications. Pre-mark verification prevents users from marking already marked parts. The post-mark verification validates that the mark placement is accurate. This feature also helps check for poor contrast marks that can be caused by an early degradation of the laser performance or a change in material characteristics.

Patented and proven

  • Automatic part alignment, laser processing and control
  • Consistently highest marking quality: precise, repeatable, process-reliable
  • Measurably fewer product rejects and mis-markings
  • Faster production, greater efficiency and productivity


Laser marking automotive buttons with IMP

The Video shows how the patented vision solution IMP detects the position of car buttons on a tray, and how IMP aligns mark accordingly. 

Laser marking thermoplastics with repeat accuracy

High productivity with consistently high marking quality: Laser marking with integrated vision reduces scrap, lowers setup and changeover costs, minimizes operator errors, and reduces holder costs.

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Over 5,000 installations confirm this: FOBA laser marking devices lead quickly, precisely and economically to high-quality product and material marking of stationary or moving components. Join the group of satisfied FOBA customers and get a free first class upgrade!

Different options are possible in a personal consultation with one of our laser marking experts. After getting an overview of your marking requirements, our experts will provide you with a customized upgrade for your project.

Machine Upgrade: You have large parts or product trays, but not a large budget for a big machine? Choose our M2000 Laser Marking Station and get an upgrade to the bigger version, the M3000.

Vision Upgrade: Why just check the mark alignment in your product tray using our IMP camera system, when you can omit the tray completely using FOBA MOSAIC.

Individual Upgrade: Get an upgrade that is tailored to the needs of your project.

Get to know your upgrade options

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Technical Data

IMP – Intelligent Mark Positioning

IMP – Intelligent Mark Positioning

WYSIWYG vision system for the precise position detection of parts/to-be-processed areas and automatic alignment of marking, engraving or finishing

Patented high-speed camera system (through-the-lens procedure)

Pre Mark-Inspection

  • Expensive product fixtures are not used
  • No time-consuming trial and error processes
  • Discharge of already marked components from the processing flow

Post Mark-Inspection

  • Monitoring system that checks whether the markings/engravings are accurate vis-a-vis the postion/alignment
  •  Verification of the final marking
  • Examination of whether all the information that was to be applied has been applied 



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