Vision Systems MOSAIC – Laser Marking without Fixtures

For fixture-free processing: MOSAIC

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The US-patented MOSAIC feature addresses the key challenges of accurately aligning marks on large parts regardless of the part position and orientation. MOSAIC uses the internal camera of the laser to create an image of the marking field by simulating a straight down camera view. The straight down view eliminates the side view distortion typically created when using an external camera, and enables the system to accurately mark parts regardless of their placement.



  • Fixtureless operation
  • Easier and faster marking process
  • Limited operator training
  • High ROI
  • Significant cost saving
  • Suitability for both manual and automated operations



FOBA Mosaic – Fixture-free laser marking

The US patented feature addresses key challenges in precisely aligning marking contents to large components – regardless of their position in the marking laser system.

Fixture-free marking of artery clamps

M3000-P with 30W fiber laser marking system and MOSAIC

Fixture-free marking of brake disc

M3000-P with 30W fiber laser marker and MOSAIC

Fixture-free etching of bearings

M2000-P with 20W fiber laser etcher and MOSAIC

Fixture-free bearing marking with roller inspection

Vision assisted laser marking of bearings and detection of missing and inverted rollers: M2000-P with 20W fiber laser marker and MOSAIC as well as AOP (Advanced Operator Interface)

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Machine Upgrade: You have large parts or product trays, but not a large budget for a big machine? Choose our M2000 Laser Marking Station and get an upgrade to the bigger version, the M3000.

Vision Upgrade: Why just check the mark alignment in your product tray using our IMP camera system, when you can omit the tray completely using FOBA MOSAIC.

Individual Upgrade: Get an upgrade that is tailored to the needs of your project.

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