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Precision through drag & drop

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Point & Shoot™ is used to manually position marking contents on the products to be marked. The Point & Shoot™ camera system views (through the lens) on the marking field, captures an image of the component and displays it in the user interface. The user creates the marking and positions it (via ‘drag & drop’) at the exact position on the product where it is supposed to be applied. 

The camera-guided laser marking process leads to a reduction in the number of defective products and higher degrees of economic efficiency and productivity, since all markings are applied at the desired location and in the specified manner. 



Mark alignment via drag & drop

Point & Shoot is a powerful vision feature for manual mark positioning. The tool is fully integrated in the Designer application of FOBA MarkUS and helps eliminate time-consuming trial-and-error processes. This exceptional visual tool also allows users to create marking jobs from existing pre-marked parts, eliminating the need for part drawings and completing the job within minutes.



Point & Shoot is a WYSIWYG camera system for visual direct mark alignment on a screen image of the part. Point & Shoot enables pre-verification of marking and marking position, helping to eliminate the need for expensive product fixtures as well as time-consuming alignment tests. Point & Shoot is ideal for high-quality workpieces and single-part production. 




Many benefits

  • Reduction of scrap 
  • More economic efficiency and productivity 
  • Consistent premium-quality processing 
  • Uncompromising precision 


How it works: Manual mark positioning with Point & Shoot

The Point & Shoot camera system ensures precision and repeatability. Marking contents are placed manually on products or to-be-marked parts, making the process particularly suitable for processing high-quality workpieces and individual parts.

Technical Data

Point & Shoot

Point & Shoot

WYSIWYG camera system for manual optical positioning of marking contents on a screen image of a to be processed part 
Through-the-lens imaging process 

Mark and Processing Inspection: Verify function for visual control prior to and after processing 

Pre-verification of marking and marking position 
  • Expensive product fixtures are not used 
  • No time-consuming trial and error processes
Post-mark inspection
  • Validation of the final mark with regard to the presence of all the information that was to be applied   


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