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Extensive services and support for your FOBA laser marking and engraving equipment. We take care of your valuable equipment and you take advantage of our certified expert service.

Want to simplify ordering parts and fixing your laser marking equipment? With FOBA’s Service Care Packages, you can rely on certified Field Service Professionals to provide fast on-site service while managing your parts inventory.

You will also enjoy regular preventive maintenance visits, operator training and annual checkups to keep your laser marking system in excellent condition and help prevent problems from occurring.

Additional benefit: With each of our Service Care Packs you enjoy cost control with predictable cost of ownership upon contract signing.

Just let us take care of your equipment! Sign up for one of our Service Care Packs today and experience a full year of proactive maintenance and all the benefits of FOBA service

Advantage partnership:
We take care of your equipment!

Service Care Packages at a glance:
Our comprehensive, certified services ensure the uptime of your laser marking equipment

Features included Standard
1 year
1 year
1 year
3 years
ECO  4 years
4 years
Hotline support 12/6 24/6 24/6 24/6 24/6 24/6
24/7 FOBA Self Service Portal   + + + + +
Free software updates + + + + + +

Free software upgrades

      + + +
Remote Service   + + + + +
Priority status   + + + + +
Guaranteed remote reaction time   + + + + +
Webinars and training videos   + + + + +
Preventive maintenance visits     + + remote + +
Spare parts     discounted discounted + (excl. beam source) +
Application consulting       + remote + remote

+ remote

Remote camera kit       + + +
FOBA Academy (trainings)     + during maintenance + remote + 2 days + 2 days

Tech support (on-site and off-site, incl. travel)

        + +
Extended warranty*         + +
Additional optional services            
Guaranteed on-site response time       
Consignment parts inventory at customer site  
Customer-specific training courses  
Application set-up / Optimization support  
Calibration service for axes and IMP  
25 point correction of marking field  
System validation (IQ, OQ, PQ) to comply with GAMP  

+ = included | · = optional
*In addition to the standard warranty, all service packages can be purchased for up to 6 years and have to be booked latest upon expiry of the standard warranty. Service packages are available for used systems after expiration of the original warranty period upon request.

All services in detail

Our Service Maximize uptime Optimize mark quality Reduce operator intervention Ensure safety and health
Cleaning of housing, marking area and protection window; check of hoses and wiring +     +
Inspection and test of all safety devices +   + +
Inspection and adjustment of mechanical components +   + +
Inspection and greasing of linear and rotational axis + + +  
Laser alignment check + + +  
Intelligent Mark Positioning System check (if applicable) + +    
Inspection of fan and dust protection, replacement if needed +   + +
Inspection of shielding and electrical contacts   +   +
Inspection of power supply and PCB’s +      
Perform optical alignment of laser system   + +  
Measure laser power + + +  
Cleaning and inspection of laser optics and scanner mirrors + +    
Inspection of laser system accessories + +   +
Refresh operator training + + + +

Description of Services

Hotline support  
Extended availability of an experienced international technical support (English).
  • 24/6: Monday to Friday (24 hours) + Saturdays (8 am – 2 pm)
  • 12/6: Monday to Friday 6 am – 6 pm (12 hours) + Saturdays (8 am – 2 pm)
Free software upgrades  
We continuously improve and enhance our software. For standard configuration systems we offer a complimentary upgrade of application software (e.g. MarkUS) whenever a new version is available. Thus you can take advantage of new features.
  • Only available for standard machines.
  • Upgrade will be provided during the next regular scheduled service visit.
  • Upgrade is optional, after consultation of a technician.
Tech support
Depending on package, all on-site service visits for repairs and annual maintenance at customer sites are covered. Includes off-site phone support and travel.
Remote Service  
Next business day extended remote support as alternative to an on-site visit (wherever technically feasible, Internet connection required). Benefit from faster problem identification and solution and get your system up and running within just a few hours.
Free of charge remote service for SAR software/hardware, interfacing/wiring, application/parameter optimization is only available during the warranty period.
Please note that for technical reasons this support can typically only be provided for a limited period of time and requires basic training level at customer side.
Webinars and training videos  
Customers will be able to register for optional webinars. Training videos typically cover specific software features (serialization, rotary marking, IMP and vision usage and optimization) as well as animated 3D service instructions.
  • Online training sessions via WebEx or Teamviewer
Preventive maintenance visits  
Annual preventive maintenance visit targeted at maximizing performance and uptime and thus include – among other things – ...
  • A 360° laser marking system health-check
  • A proactive approach to maintenance
FOBA Academy  
This package is tied to the “preventive maintenance” option and contains an additional training for machine operators during preventive maintenance cycles. The Comprehensive packages additionally include 2 days of training at our head-quarters. 
  • The duration of the training (usually 1-2 hours) depends on the purchased product and package contract
Priority status  
Your productivity is important to us. We prioritize your service needs in order to keep your production up and running.
  • Faster processing of your cases
  • Earlier escalation
Spare parts
Rest assured we keep your system up and running using only original spare parts free of charge during the duration of the contract.
Consumable parts
Depends on consumable parts available by model.
Guaranteed on-site response time
Per separate agreement.
Consignment parts inventory at customer site
Please speak with your local sales or service representative about availability of this option.
Operator, service and maintenance training
The training topics and learning objectives will be defined together with you in advance of the course. 
Application consulting
Make use of our broad expertise: application set-up, data integration and communication, system optimization.
Axis / IMP M-Series calibration service
Our field service experts perform for you an axis calibration (includes calibration certificate and protocol).
Medical package validation (IQ, OQ, PQ) to comply with GAMP
Please ask your local sales representative for more details of our medical solutions and products.
25 point correction
Calibration of the full marking field for high-resolution marks even in the border area.