Webinar UDI Expert Talk: Streamlining the process – Practical application experience

August 30, 2022 
5:00 PM Central European Time | 10:00 AM Central Time

Your hosts:
Trey Brown, Engineering Manager (Centex Machining) 
Stephen Chang, Regional Sales Manager (FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving

What you can expect:

With the UDI system (Unique Device Identification) manufacturers are obliged to identify and register medical devices. UDI codes have to be reliably machine-readable to guarantee full traceability throughout the entire product lifecycle. As the requirements for direct part marking became more demanding, Centex Machining by Fathom, Texas, searched for a solution to their marking and productivity challenges. Especially for the marking of cylindrical devices like bone twist drills they found a solution that increased productivity and streamlined their processes. 

You´ll learn:

  • What regulatory and technical requirements are important for UDI marking
  • What is important in the technical implementation 
  • How Centex has managed to reduce setup and process time tremendously
  • How to decrease scrap when using a machine vision based laser marking system
  • What laser marking can do to optimize your process

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