Application Case Study Laser Marking Automation

The laser marking service provider addʼn solutions from Tuttlingen, founded in 2016, is a specialist for direct part marking with laser technology. Using several FOBA M3000-P laser marking systems, the company marks thousands of medical instruments and implants with permanent UDI codes. Thanks to the implementation of robotic automation, add'n solutions has achieved increased throughput and marking efficiency: The agile industrial robot "HORST" from fruitcore robotics has been fully integrated into the marking workflow, so that even large volume customer orders can be executed smoothly.


Learn why the Germany-based company is best prepared for the current and future requirements of UDI marking.

You will also get to know the reasons that convinced add'n solutions to equip FOBA's laser marking systems with the industrial robot from the provider fruitcore robotics.


You'll learn ...

  • which steps a laser marking process includes
  • how the challenge of a large variety of parts has been aproached
  • how the integration of a loading robot has practically been implemented
  • what is the importance of validation in the marking process
  • which impact automation has on the company 


More information about the integration of a loading robot in the workflow of a laser marking service provider: Download our application case study "Automation of Laser Marking" now!

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