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Focused on precision, repeatability and process reliability: The IMP and Point & Shoot camera systems "look" at the product through the lens with the laser beam (Through-The-Lens-Vision TTL) and thus ensure maximum precision and repeatability in marking. With our patented full-field imaging function MOSAIC, production costs are drastically reduced.

IMP, Point & Shoot, HELP and MOSAIC

The silent service providers for our promise of precision are IMP (Intelligent Mark Positioning) and Point & Shoot. The two vision systems ensure ultimate precision and repetition accuracy. In addition to drastically-reduced product scrap, the added value that these systems generate also includes greater economy and productivity. 

HELP is a holistic vision-assisted laser marking process that offers part and mark validation prior and right after marking. HELP helps to avoid marking errors and is capable of validating laser contents right after marking. This is particularly important for users with strict quality and code integrity requirements.

MOSAIC is an efficiency-increasing software function that allows labeling without fixtures. With MOSAIC, expensive and time-consuming product holders belong to the past.

Laser at your service

  • Less product scrap and fewer mistaken markings 
  • Automatic components alignment
  • More economy and productivity 
  • Consistent, premium-quality processing and uncompromising precision 

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