Laquers Laser Marking on (Multilayer) Lacquers -
Day & Night Marking

Day/night design switches in a component take-up system

Challenging coating layer removal on plastic parts with multilayer lacquers. The individual color or coating layers were removed from the component with a high degree of precision, in order to ensure that the basic material to be backlit becomes visible. The adjustment that is carried out on different coating layers and colors is implemented with application-specific laser parameters that are easy to adjust.

The individual switches are automatically detected directly in the take-up process by means of a high-precision, camera-guided coating layer removal procedure, after which they are processed. 



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Plastic Button

Very challenging and complicated paint removal on a red background. The removal of paint on non-black plastics is so technically demanding because the paint that has to be removed is not optimally absorbed by infrared lasers. If the challenge is passed, you have achieved an extremely high-contrast and effective marking.


Silver-gray painted control element made of plastic

Coating layer removal from a painted plastic component. The upper, in this case silver, layers of color/lacquer layers are removed with precision using lasers; the orange layers underneath are visible as markings.


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