Application Note How to create deep black and safe markings on medical stainless steel instruments

When it comes to "black marking" of stainless steel instruments and implants, manufacturers have to take a number of aspects into account. The Application Note discusses these challenges and important criteria for a safe, reliable long-lasting deep black marking of medical stainless steel devices!


Ultrashort pulse lasers are the first choice for deep black marking of medical stainless steel instruments and implants. However, there are important criteria that need to be taken into account to ensure that the marking complies with medical technology standards and regulations.Traceability and product safety can only be guaranteed if the marking is permanent and legible: It is crucial that the marking is sharp in contrast, non-reflective and at the same time withstands numerous cleaning and sterilization cycles so that it neither fades nor corrodes. Therefore, a marking solution is required that is particularly gentle on the material and at the same time powerful.

The Application Note "Ultra Black Marking with Ultrashort Pulse Lasers" focuses on the challenges of black marking and describes how to overcome them.


Read the Application Note to get know:

  • What are the key aspects of black marking?
  • Which material-specific challenges do you have to consider?
  • Why is a continuously adjustable pulse width crucial?
  • What are the benefits of an innovative all-in-one software?
  • How to create a reliable and safe black marking?


More information about safe and reliable marking of medical stainless steel: Download our Application Note "Ultra Black Marking with Ultrashort Pulse Laser"!

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