Industry Solutions Laser Marking in Mechanical Engineering

Laser-marked drill

Temperature sensor

Laser marking causes a slightly noticeable color change on the plastic housing of the temperature sensor. Sensors such as this one are used for measuring and regulating temperature in cars. Such components and the markings on them must be able to withstand high temperatures, humidity levels and pressures as well as external influences such as oils and fuels. Laser markings are resistant and permanent and this makes the laser marking an ideally suitable marking procedure.  

In-wall housing of a dimmer switch

A laser is used to remove the anodized layer that is present on the aluminum, which results in the marking becoming visible. This particular implementation of the marking process, in which the marking is applied onto a punched part, is typically used in the construction of machinery and appliances. In particular, it is used in the assembly of name plates, front panels, etc.  

The laser marking fulfills two functions: it displays technical functions and provides traceability-related information.

Component of a dishwasher

Laser markings and laser engravings are used in applications that require long-lasting markings. Such as this apparatus component, which is suspended in the interior of a dishwasher and is subject to strict requirement vis-a-vis corrosion resistance. 

Steel ring

Schaeffler bearing ring (diameter = 102 mm) with resistant annealing marking (serial numbers, manufacturing data, etc.) for reliable component identification, traceability and quality assurance. 

Marking time: 4.92 s
Annealing marking with single line font
Font size: 3 mm

Joint head

The robust and security-relevant bearing elements that are made from steel or high-grade steel are characterized by a long lifespan and high quality. These strict requirements also apply to the product marks that are imprinted on the joint heads. They need to satisfy the strictest requirements vis-a-vis identification, traceability and quality assurance and be legible for years after the completion of the marking process.


The information related to the diameter and CE-compliance must be permanent and indestructible. In this case, an annealing marking is the first choice. 

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