Case Study Laser Marking for Traceability

Raval is a World’s leading manufacturer of fuel tank venting systems. For many years now, Raval puts trust in FOBA's CO2 laser marking systems. The automotive part supplier that is headquartered in Israel and manufactures in the US, China and Luxemburg, uses FOBA marking lasers to mark its venting valves for fuel tank systems with a reliably readable traceability code.

Secure Part Tracking

Raval primarily engraves alphanumeric codes directly on several of its plastic components. These permanent and perfectly machine-readable traceability codes are used to tell Raval any time when, where and by whom the fuel tank venting components and valves have been manufactured, processed, stored or shipped. Should any defects be found or problems regarding the fuel venting systems arise, it must be completely traceable when and by whom the related parts have been manufactured and at what point of the production process the defect or error occured.

A simple laser engraved mark was sufficient for Raval, an optically appealing laser marking was not required. The traceability codes Raval applies only have to be excellently machinereadable at any time.

Built-in Traceability

Raval uses these marked product codes simply for traceability and quality assurance. This sets special requirements on the utilized identification systems. FOBA's laser markers had to ensure that all alphanumeric characters are clear, forgeryproof and uncompromisingly traceable.

Raval also required marking times less than a second as individual cycle times have to adhere to production line constraints. Moreover, auto parts manufacturers such as Raval experience an enormous cost pressure. Their customers are usually not willing to pay for traceability marks even though they would not accept products without these marks. Consequently, the marking process itself has to be designed economically.

With the Alltec CO2 laser marking systems FOBA provides efficient identification marking systems that not only mark fast, but also apply all required contents with the highest quality so they are any time reliably traceable.

The Solution

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