Case Study Laser marking solution with rotary unit reduces marking time by 15 hours

Medical device contract manufacturer Centex Machinig of Round Rock, Texas, delivers a variety of products ranging from orthopedic implants to surgical instruments with the highest quality, cost efficiency and speed. Most products are laser marked - a particular challenge with cylindrical parts. To meet increasing customer demands, Centex Machining chose a FOBA M3000-P marking station and was able to significantly reduce marking time.


The circumferential marking of round parts, some of which have very small diameters, is one of the most demanding tasks in laser marking. Because more and more medical products are being directly marked in uncompromising quality and for clear traceability and application safety, Centex Machining relies on laser marking with FOBA.

In our case study you can read why FOBA's marking solution convinced and how Centex Machining was able to solve specific laser marking challenges with it. And at the same time increased efficiency, throughput and marking quality.


  • how the most demanding customer requirements can be met with three programmable axes
  • why a fully visualized marking process is essential, especially for special requirements
  • why integrated imaging is crucial for efficiency
  • why automatic marking validation ensures process stability
  • what role comprehensive service plays in the laser marking process


Learn more about reducing marking time for marking complex implants and assemblies: Download our Customer Application Note "Centex Machining" now!

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