Laser marking system Ultrashort Pulse Laser

Ultrashort pulse lasers are the first choice when a deep black, non-reflective and exceptionally gentle marking is required. Thus, the marking laser with pulse lengths in the pico- and femtosecond range is a preferred solution in medical technology. With its flexibility, it is also predestined for various applications in the automotive and electronic industries.

What are the features of ultrashort pulse lasers?

A deep black marking without any reflection which is extremely resistant and at the same time extremely gentle on the material: Ultrashort pulse lasers make it possible! When marking with very short pulses and at the same time a high pulse energy, there is virtually no heat input why it is also known as "cold processing". Various metals, challenging plastics, thermosensitive materials and delicate products are marked efficiently and reliably in this way.

A typical application for ultrashort pulse lasers is the so-called "black marking" in medical technology: For example, UDI codes are applied reliably and gently to instruments using ultrashort pulse lasers, so that they remain corrosion-free and optimally legible even after further processing steps, such as passivation. 

Key factors for the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of ultrashort pulse lasers are high marking speeds, flexibility, an integrable vision system and air cooling. All these special features are provided by the ultrashort pulse laser F.0100-ir. In addition, the F.0100-ir comes along with another highlight: the continuously adjustable pulse width between the femtosecond and picosecond range.

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