About Foba Laser at your service

FOBA represents the greatest technological laser and application expertise and its name is synonymous with innovative customer-specific solutions. FOBA provides expert advise and first-class customer service all around the world; it is laser at your service.

Our focus is on much more than first-class
laser products for marking and engraving.

The FOBA focus combines products, customer requests, and customer support. This makes the motto “laser at your service” an attitude across the board, an attitude that is also a promise to our customers worldwide.

Service | Customer Benefits

Our service is holistic: What starts in the first counseling session continues during application development, is handy during installation and does not stop at customer service or maintenance. The FOBA service is an all-round package that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.


Laser | Power

The laser is our source of inspiration and our technological basis. Everything at FOBA starts with laser energy. It marks and engraves. It motivates and inspires.


Expertise | Hightech

Just as laser light is bundled in the lens focus of our devices, the greatest technological and application expertise and many years’ experience are bundled in our development locations. These are highly-effective focal points where innovative system and machine solutions for laser marking and engraving arise.


Relationships| People

Fruitful relationships are built through connecting with people that work in partnership with each other. Like our employees and clients spread across the globe. The system solutions that we develop would not have been possible without the demands made by our customers.


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