White paper Reliable Laser Marking on Medical Stainless Steel

In view of its optimum compatibility with the identification requirements in medical technology, laser technology represents the perfect solution for marking medical devices made of virtually any material. However, the identification of stainless steel medical products poses its own challenges for manufacturers: Are laser markings corrosionresistant? Does the passivation influence legibility and contrast? Will the marking withstand the stresses of the product life-cycle? What most do not know: It is possible to laser mark stainless steel reliably and in compliance with medical standards. Especially with the comparatively low-priced fiber laser markers. What it needs is the appropriate expertise and a specialist coordination of all laser parameters with the product-specific requirements as well as the product life-cycle.

The Identification of Medical Products:
For Patient Safety and Efficient Production

Patient safety is the utmost priority in the healthcare sector. Quality assurance and process validation measures are implemented in order to minimize risks in medical treatment. The identification of medical products is part of these measures, and crucial when it comes to clear identification, reliable documentation of the product cycle and complete traceability. Efforts to maintain patient safety are therefore firmly anchored in the production process of medical devices and products.

In many regards, marking is a critical step in the production process of medical products. Only correctly marked medical products can be reliably traced and support flawless documentation during the entire product cycle. Alongside patient safety, manufacturers must also take into consideration a further critical point in the production process: The efficiency of the production line.

More and more products have to be marked more efficiently and cost-effectively. As the marking takes place at the end of the production cycle, scrap must be kept to a minimum and repeatable results and process stability are imperative. For a reliable identification, laser marking has become the chosen technology: It enables both a safe marking as well as a lean production.

  • Which type of laser best suits the respective application depends on the marking quality requirements as well as on economic aspects. Concerning laser marking of stainless steel, there are decisive differences when it comes to these key factors.

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Would you like to learn how it’s possible to laser mark medical stainless steel products corrosion free? Will the passivation affect the contrast or legibility? Then download the complete white paper “Laser marking medical stainless steel” here.

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