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Melted Plastics:
Easy and Effective Marking with CO2 Laser

[Translate to English:] Laserbeschriftetes Überschlagventil

Melt engraving with a CO2-laser is a possible alternative to the color change process by fiber or UV laser when labeling plastic. Especially when it comes to straightforward marking of single-line characters and codes, a CO2-laser system, integrated into the production line, can provide a fast and easy labeling solution.

Melt engraving creates counterfeit-proof marks on components made of hard plastic or printable structures on rubber stamps. Films can also be removed in layers by laser melting.

How filigree the characters can become depends on the material properties of the plastic and the selected configuration of the laser parameters. Usually a CO2-laser with a power of 10 to 60 watt will be used. For marking cylindrical components, the FOBA MarkUS 2.12 software can also be used to integrate an axis of rotation into the marking unit.