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Starting the Formula 1-season –
Fast, Safe and Traceable

[Translate to English:] Laserbeschrifteter Bremssattel, links: schwarz-weiß Markierung

At the start of this year’s racing season, it’s also worth taking a look at the automotive components that are under the hood. A variety of metal or plastic components are laser-marked, including brake discs, ball bearings, pistons or gears, as well as door lock or steering wheel housings, pipes and conduits.

Codes and labels allow the unique assignment of individual components and ensure safety, especially when it must be fast, such as in the pit stop. Not only in case of repair, but also during production, traceability is a central issue and as important as speed. This applies to the assembly of entire vehicles as well as for the production of its individual parts.

As far as laser marking is concerned, depending on the material, fiber or CO2 laser systems are used, which produce robust and durable signs, not only at top speed, but also with the greatest marking accuracy. The Formula 1 class among the marking systems includes a 100-watt fiber laser for marking metals and a CO2 laser system for plastic marking.