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Electronic Parts – Traceability in Detail

Electronic parts and products get identification marks to allow for correct allocation during complex production processes, for safety reasons in case of breakdown, for tracking and registration of inventory, as a prevention against forgery as well as to ensure traceability throughout the complete value chain.

Areas of only few square millimeters, e.g. on SMD-components or micro-chips, need to be marked with comprehensive contents in the form of 2D-matrix-codes, alphanumeric characters, logos etc. Even items which are sealed by solder resistant coatings need to be marked with traceability codes.

Ceramics, plastics, metals or alloys used in electronic industry get laser marked in high quality and long term legibility by using fiber, CO2- or UV-laser systems. FOBA’s continuous wave fiber laser markers have been primarily designed to mark molded housings or circuit boards has the ability to achieve line widths well below 30 µm and character heights of less than 150 µm.