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FOBA’s French Fry Picker Completes your Barbecue

The “high class” version of the conventional French fry fork and reusable as well: our stainless steel  laser cut and laser marked application sample has been introduced right for the start of the 2017 barbecue season, and has been highly appreciated by our trade show visitors so far.

The type 1.430 stainless steel has been trowalized (barrel finished), so that the surface and edges appear in matte quality. A FOBA Y-series ytterbium fiber laser (wave length 1064 nm) applies typeface and graphics as well as data matrix codes within a marking field of 120 x 120 mm.

The 2D-codes with module sizes of 0.5 and 0.1 mm can easily be read back by the camera that is integrated within the laser process.  Due to the high-class marking results, each code can be verified to quality class A, and therefore complies with the demanding marking standards for machine readable UDI.

By the way: The FOBA French fry fork is also ideal for picking cheese cubes or fruit. But in spite of the laser applied codes, we cannot guarantee the traceability of the eaten calories :) 

Visit FOBA at the upcoming show events and have your own picker individually laser marked, using the vision-based marking process with automatic detection of parts and positioning.