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Runs smoothly – Error-free laser marking on ball-bearings

Annealing on ball bearing

Small defects in a ball bearing are often difficult to detect, e.g. if single rollers are missing , wrongly mounted, or if a component is of a different size. If the undesired part is then labelled with a laser marker, this causes unnecessary and relatively high costs. FOBA's camera-based marking solution offers an economical solution that integrates part detection, marking and validation of the marked characters in a single, safe process.

The camera built directly into the marking head enables timely error detection and prevents false markings. The marking process is also significantly simplified and accelerated in the application, since there is no need to relocate the part to be marked. The part remains in the marking field across all marking steps, from the upstream partial inspection and marking to the subsequent code reading.

The FOBA Mosaic marking function even enables uncomplicated loading of the marking station and makes the usual expensive product holders superfluous, because once the position of the product has been identified, the marking is automatically aligned precisely. Learn more about how FOBA’s innovative ball bearing marking with integrated roller inspection is working and watch the video: