Blog – Application of the Month

Shining bright – Laser marked aluminum stars

Anodized aluminum appeared to be the perfect material for the FOBA application lab-team to create this year’s Christmas tree decoration. The glittering stars now contribute to the brilliant appearance of the fir tree in the entrance foyer at FOBA’s Selmsdorf headquarters.

Our laser marking experts did not only cut the shape of the stars but also marked their contour as well as the FOBA logo. This is a nice alternative to the usual assignment of colored anodized aluminium which normally serves as beverage cans or lids and runs through high speed production lines, where it gets marked with data matrix codes, serial numbers or expiration dates.

The predestinated machine for such application is FOBA’s Y.0100 100 Watt-high-speed fiber laser marker, which achieves the fastest results in the selectable high-speed mode. However, our Christmas decoration was created in a much more contemplative manner, according to the season…