Next step in vision-based laser marking presented at the LASYS

FOBA is showcasing the latest innovation in automated mark alignment without product fixtures, a fiber laser for day-night-design and 100 Watt high-speed laser marking.

At the LASYS (Stuttgart/Germany, June 5-7, 2018) FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving will be showcasing, before its official market launch, the latest innovation in vision-based automated laser positioning. The patent-pending software update enables the precise alignment of laser marks regardless of product positioning within the marking field.

The innovative feature will be demonstrated at stand 4B32, on a FOBA M1000 marking station to show that the need for custom accurate fixtures is in many instances unnecessary. This saves costs and will be available on the market after the upcoming launch of MarkUS marking software update version 2.12.

Another marking station on site will be a FOBA M2000-P, equipped with the innovative Y.0201-DN marking laser. This 20 Watt fiber laser was developed especially for the precise application of day-night-design elements on back-lit plastic components for automotive or electronic panels.

Beside the two M-Series laser marking machines, the powerful fiber laser marking system FOBA Y.1000 will also be at the show, which can easily be integrated into high-speed production lines. It is a 100 Watt-laser marker to be deployed especially for processing mass products and for the application of robust marks on high-wear parts.

Two of FOBA’s laser marking experts will hold lectures on June, 5, 2018: Christian Söhner, Global Market Manager Medical, will talk about UDI-compliant laser marking on medical products (Spectaris 10 x 10 Workshop, between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.). Dr. Faycal Benayad-Cherif will introduce the latest innovative software function for automated mark alignment without product fixtures (Laser in Action Forum, 4 p.m.).

Visitors can pre-arrange an appointment at the show, please contact or phone +49 38823 55-556.


FOBA Y.0201-DN, a 20 Watt fiber laser marking system for the precise layer removal.


FOBA M2000-P, laser marking station with integrated camera and ergonomic height adjustment.